Rogers RO4050B PCB board, High frequency circuit board

High-frequency PCB is supplied and manufactured from PCBA123, with competitive price and durable quality. This high-frequency PCB can meet faster signal flow rates when a special signal requirement into electronic components and products. This high transmission frequency could provide a faster signal flow rate which is necessary for electronic devices with high frequency like wireless networks, satellite communication.  Email us by [email protected], you can get a free quick quote on custom high-frequency PCB.

Technical Parameters

Material: ROGERS RO4350B

Board thickness: 0.6mm

Copper thickness: 1OZ/35UM

Surface finishing: ENIG, Gold 0.05-0.1UM, Nickle 3-5um


•Cellular Base Station Antennas

and Power Amplifi ers

• RF Identifi cation Tags

• Automotive Radar and Sensors

• LNB’s for Direct Broadcast

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