Recommend 4 Free PCB Design Softwares

Recommend 4 Free PCB Design Softwares

If you’re new to PCB design, you might be interested in learning how to use free PCB design software. There are several different options available to you, including the popular Altium CircuitMaker, EasyEDA, PCB123, and ZenitPCB. All of these softwares are suitable for most novice designers, and are extremely easy to learn and use.


EasyEDA is one of the most popular PCB design softwares available for free online. It is used by over two million people, including makers, electronics engineers, students, and educators. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and understand. There are also courses and tutorials available to help you learn how to use the software.

EasyEDA offers advanced features including schematic capture, simulation, PCB layout, and 3D visualisation. It works on the cloud and has an extensive library of PCB components. It allows you to save and share your work privately and easily collaborate with other users. EasyEDA also supports Altium, KiCad, and LTspice schematic files. The software also includes a free PCB realization service.


Whether you are a budding electronics designer or are just looking for a free tool to design circuit boards, you have many options when it comes to PCB design software. Fortunately, there are a few leading free PCB design softwares that can do a professional-level job. These PCB design softwares are easy to use and will produce competent results.

ZenitPCB offers a clean, straightforward interface with the main workspace in the center. Quick keys and application buttons allow you to navigate between different tools and functions. The interface also features an easily navigable parts library, available netlists, and shortcuts for different operations. There is a GerberView button that can help you view and print out schematics and other electronic schematics.


Whether you are an engineer new to PCB design or a seasoned pro, you can always turn to PCB123 for help. Its user manual walks you through the basics and explains how the software functions. It also provides useful tips and tricks on the best practices to follow when designing your PCBs. And it has a 3D view of your design to help you visualize all of the components.

PCB123 is a full-featured EDA tool that focuses on fast circuit design. Its suite of EDA tools include a BOM management system, real-time design rule checking, and a large online parts library with over 750,000 predefined parts. The software also includes a 3D rendering view to help you visualize and inspect your components and the board’s layout.


Pulsonix pcb design software offers a wide range of design features and advanced technology. This PCB design software supports component placement and routing modes, as well as advanced post processing capability. It also has the industry’s largest import filter, allowing you to maintain Intellectual Property (IP). Other features of Pulsonix include complete assembly variants, interactive push-aside routing, constraint-driven design, and rules-based design. The company has sales channels all over the world.

The user-friendly interface of Pulsonix PCB design software facilitates easy and quick creation of schematic drawings. It also facilitates reuse of circuit elements. In addition, it offers automatic electrical rules checking. Finally, it allows users to import and export data, ensuring accuracy in design.

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