Which PCB Design Software is the Best?

Which PCB Design Software is the Best?

To choose the right PCB design software, it is important to consider the features and functions of each software package. The software should be able to accommodate a variety of board sizes, layers, sheets, and pins. It should also provide tech support, which can be essential if you need help. Additionally, you should look for software that supports standard import and export formats.

Altium Designer 17

Altium Designer 17 PCB design software is a user-friendly design environment that provides all the advanced design features that PCB designers need to produce quality designs. Its customizable copper overlay and copper borders add a professional touch to the PCBs you design. It also optimizes PCB nets and readjusts shapes of PCB components automatically.

Altium Designer 17 PCB design software is capable of creating a variety of designs ranging from simple to complex. It features numerous tools to help you create the best designs, including ActiveRoute(r) technology that guides routes across the board in just minutes. It also supports Draftsman(r), an automated documentation tool that can make documentation easier and more efficient.

After downloading the software, start the installation process by pressing the Yes button on the pop-up window. After that, the Altium Installer will open. The software will show a window displaying the Design Functionality. Then, select Next. After that, you will see a panel labeled Complete Installation. Depending on your internet speed, this installation process can take some time. When complete, simply close the Altium Installer.

Eagle PCB

The Eagle PCB design software is a powerful design tool that combines simplicity with flexibility. This tool allows you to create and rename projects, as well as reuse previous designs. It also has a new feature called Modular Design Blocks, which makes it easy to reuse old schematics.

This software is extremely easy to use. Its features include a schematic editor, a PCB editor, and an autorouter module. It is free to download and has an intuitive user interface. The software also has great support from Autodesk, the developers of Eagle.

The Eagle PCB design software is available in both a free and premium version. The freeware version allows you to capture schematics and layout PCBs, while the premium version offers advanced features.


TinyCAD is an open source PCB design software that allows you to easily create multi-sheet circuit schematics and designs. Its feature set includes a fully integrated component catalog with a built-in search function. You can quickly search for components using search criteria such as part name, part number, or type. The software also includes tools for generating 3D View and manufacturing files.

TinyCAD has a user interface that makes it easy for beginners to navigate and create PCBs. While some users may find it frustrating, many others find the simplicity of the program refreshing. The tool is also fast, making it a great choice for small boards and simple projects. It has tools like snap-to-grid, a 90-degree wire guide, and the ability to rotate parts, which can help you create a great-looking PCB faster.


The web-based EDA tool suite EasyEDA allows hardware engineers to design, simulate, and share schematics and simulations publicly and privately. It is a collaborative environment where hardware engineers can discuss their design and simulations. It is designed to keep the design process simple and straightforward.

EasyEDA has numerous PCB components in its library, organized into categories. You can search for a specific element and insert it into your design. The software also includes a Design Manager, a feature that makes it easy to add or remove components. It also offers a service that lets you order PCBs.

EasyEDA supports multiple platforms and is multi-user friendly. It also has a free online editor and cloud-based storage. You can also share your finished PCB designs with others. EasyEDA is easy to use and allows you to order your finished designs in a matter of minutes. It features professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment.


Cadence PCB design software includes a variety of different applications for PCB layout and design. It also includes a schematic capture tool called OrCAD Capture. Schematics are 2D electrical designs that show connections between circuit components. There are three main programs available: Allegro, PCB Designer Standard, and OrCad. Each costs between $2,300 and $7,000 depending on the license type.

Cadence PCB design software includes a complete front-to-back design tool, including advanced simulation. It helps create efficient products and shorten design cycles. The software also supports the latest industry standards such as IPC-2581.

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