PCB is a necessary part for electronic device, divide into many types according to the market demands. For the ceramic PCB, this is ceramic substrate with printed circuit, with advantages of less value of soldering, less value of terminal resistance and good thermal conductivity, can withstand high current in the projects. PCBA123 is a professional ceramic PCB manufacturer from China that supplies quality ceramic PCB for electronic applications at wholesale price. Email us if you have demands in ceramic PCBs.

Ceramic PCB boards are just as popular as any other type of PCB board. They are widely used for carrying out a variety of tasks. Known for its electrical insulation properties and high adhesion strength, you can always rely on a ceramic PCB board to deliver the results that you desire. It is possible one of the best PCB boards out there. Only when you use it will you come to realize just how much it has to offer.

What Is Ceramic PCB Board?

A ceramic PCB board is a PCB board that uses ceramic to provide superior insulation. It has been designed to ensure that companies can create electronic products that are able to handle electrical conductivity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic PCB Board

There are many benefits of ceramic PCB boards as mentioned below.

  • Offers a thermal expansion coefficient that is similar to that offered by a silicon chip. This means that you can reduce cost by saving labor and material when you use it.
  • Helps improve the yield by reducing void, thermal resistance, and solder layer.
  • Ensures excellent thermal conductivity which means that the chip package would remain compact and the power density would increase to improve the reliability of the electronic product.
  • Ultra-thin and does not cause any environmental toxicity problems.
  • Provides a large current carrying capacity.
  • Low thermal resistance.
  • High insulation that can withstand voltage for maximum protection and safety.
  • Allows for new assembly and packaging methods to be implemented to produce a more compact and highly integrated product.
  • Can be a more costly option.

Applications and Usages of Ceramic PCB Board

As ceramic PCB boards boast various properties, they can be used for various purposes as mentioned below.

  • Mechanical Properties: It provides superior processing and high mechanical strength which means that products that require smooth bending can be made.
  • Electrical Properties: As dielectric breakdown voltage and insulation resistant are high, you can create products that are able to withstand high humidity and high temperature conditions.
  • Thermal Properties: Since ceramic PCB boards provide excellent heat resistance, you can rely on it for producing items that is suitable for thermal conductivity.
  • Other Properties: In addition to the above, ceramic PCB boards have other properties as well. They boast easy metallization, chemical resistance, strong circuit pattern, and non-toxicity.

How to Find a Reliable Ceramic PCB Board Manufacturer in China?

You should be able to find a reliable ceramic PCB board manufacturer in China when you consider the following tips.

  • Find out more about the company reputation.
  • Ask for references from the company.
  • Look into the quality control system certificate to ensure that it is valid.
  • Review the import and export license of the company.

Choose the Best Ceramic PCB Board Manufacturer in China

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