Aluminum PCB is a popular type of metal PCB, consists of metal based and copper-clad laminates, with excellent non-conductivity and good heat dissipation, widely applied in signal beacons, surgical lighting tools, interior lighting, power converters and other applications involving tight tolerances and high power. PCBA123 provides quality aluminum PCB at wholesale price, quality assurance and fast delivery available, email us if you have demands in aluminum PCBs.

One of the most popular PCB boards in the market is the aluminum PCB board. It is a metal-based copper clad laminate that provides amazing heat dissipation. There are three layers of the veneer which allow the circuit to provide outstanding performance. The aluminum PCB board has two sides which have a metal base layer. White surface soldering is also done for the LED pins. Thermal conductive paste is used for ensuring heat conduction. If you are on the lookout for a PCB board that is designed for high-end use, aluminum PCB boards are the perfect option.

What Is Aluminum PCB Board?

An aluminum PCB board has electrical insulation properties. It is an alloy board that offers AI-Mg-Si high-plasticity. When you compare it to an FR4 PCB board, it is able to carry greater current while ensuring the same line width and thickness. In fact, it can withstand voltage of up to 4500 V.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum PCB Board

There are plenty of benefits of getting aluminum PCB boards as mentioned below.

  1. Minimal Thermal Resistance

One of the best things about aluminum PCB boards is that they help minimize thermal resistance. In addition to this, they also boast excellent thermal conductivity. Thus, you can count on them to provide the best of both worlds. Besides, they also meet ROHS requirements. Their design makes them highly effective for thermal diffusion.

  1. Extend Product Life

Another great thing about aluminum PCB boards is that they help extend the product life. If you are looking for a PCB board to improve the service life of your products, it has got you covered. It improves reliability and power density. Hence, you simply cannot go wrong with it.

  1. Reduce Product Size

A notable benefit of aluminum PCB boards is that they help reduce product size. They also cut down assemble and hardware costs while also optimizing the combination of control circuits and power circuits. Moreover, you can also replace the ceramic substrate for improved mechanical durability.

  1. Expensive

Initially, aluminum PCB boards may seem expensive. However, they help cut down costs.

Applications and Usages of Aluminum PCB Board

There are plenty of uses of aluminum PCB boards as mentioned below.

  • Power supply for DC/AC converters and switching regulators.
  • Filtering appliances.
  • Audio devices like amplifiers.
  • Office automation equipment.
  • Automobile components including power supply controllers, ignition, and electronic regulator.
  • Power modules such as rectifier bridges, solid-state relays, and inverters.
  • Lamps and lighting.

How to Find a Reliable Aluminum PCB Board Manufacturer in China?

Here is how you can find an aluminum PCB board manufacturer in China.

  • Research the reputation of the company.
  • Look into the validity of the import and export license.
  • Reach out to the references provided by the company.
  • Review the quality control system certificate.

Choose the Best Aluminum PCB Board Manufacturer in China

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