PCBA123 is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, we provide turnkey PCB assembly for startup business, help to handle the all aspect of PCB project based on your demands and requirement. This one stop solution service can save a lot time and money for our customer to achieve the PCB assembly within multiple vendors, because communicating with one supplier must be easier than multi supplier. Meanwhile, our professional experience team can help to find out the issue of your PCB design, avoid the unnecessary lost. If you choose to hire turnkey PCB assembly from PCBA123, what you only need to do is paying more attention on your new products, satisfied with your customers.

Not many companies realize just how beneficial it can be to hire turnkey PCB assembly. It is where an outsourced company takes on every part of the production process. Although it sounds good, it is important that you learn more about it to decide if it is the right fit for you. Rather than outsourcing small bits of the manufacturing to various vendors and wondering how everything would fall apart, you need to consider turnkey PCB assembly for much-needed peace of mind.

What Is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

Turnkey PCB assembly is a one-stop process where all of the production is handled by a single manufacturing company. Generally, the term “turnkey” refers to a service or product which is sold in finished form which means that it is ready for use. Turnkey PCB assembles allows you to find the best company to provide the ultimate PCB solution including the procurement of components, manufacturing, and performing quality checks. Thus, you get to enjoy greater freedom and simply focus in designing the perfect PCB and electronic product that you can sell at a higher profit margin.

Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly

When you hire turnkey PCB assembly, you get to benefit from the following.

  1. Shorter Lead Time

One of the main benefits of turnkey PCB assembly is that it boasts a shorter lead time. As you might already know, PCB assembly includes three phases which are fabrication, procurement of components, and assembly. Instead of having to handle each of these stages or finding different vendors who can take on each stage which only increases the lead time, you get to speed things up by sticking to one company for handling everything. Besides, reaching out to different companies is a stressful process.

  1. Lower Cost

Cost reduction is a notable advantage of hiring a turnkey PCB assembly service. If you try to hire different companies for taking on various parts of the production, you would only end up spending more money. As you would not need to spend money on each bit of the process and the freight fee, you would be able to cut down costs considerably. As for components procurement, the manufacturer will handle everything.

  1. Transparent Monitoring

Monitoring every stage of the manufacturing process is not easy. This is why it makes sense to consider turnkey PCB assembly. Things can get even harder when you have to monitor different vendors and make sure that each of follows your requirements. With PCBA123, you get to hire a turnkey PCB assembly service from a company that employs the best engineers who strive to provide the best PCBs.

Applications of Turnkey PCB Assembly

There are many applications of turnkey PCB assembly as mentioned below.

  • Design assistance.
  • Sourcing of components.
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  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Aftermarket Services
  • Obsolescene Management

How to Find a Reliable Turnkey PCB Assembly Service Company in China?

With the following tips, you should be able to find a reliable turnkey PCB assembly service provider in China.

  • Research the company reputation.
  • Look up references from the company.
  • Inspect the quality control system certificate.
  • Go through the import and export license.