Fabrico e montagem de placas de circuito rígido-flex

PCBA123 manufactured and supplied Rigid-flex circuit board fabrication and assembly at a competitive price, quality assurance, and best service. We also provide custom PCB service, the rigid-flex board can be designed in terms of high complex configurations, controlled impedance, high layer count, and reduced interconnections. If you are looking for a rigid-flex board manufacturer for customized design, don’t hesitate to contact us with your design.

Parâmetros técnicos

Product Type: Rigid-flex board
Material: Fr4+FCCL
Application filed: Electronics Equipment
Layer/thickness: 2L/1.6mm
Surface treatment: Gold Sinking
Line space/width: 0.15/0.15mm
Minimum hole size: 0.3mm
Technical Feature: Special materials, rigid-flex technology

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