Copper based PCB is a metal type PCB that use the copper as the base material, belongs to one type of metal core printed circuit board ( MCPCB ), with features of great conductivity, energy efficient, quick heat dissipation, high mechanical strength, and shape retainment. The high thermal conductivity of copper based PCB can increase the components’ lives and protect them from thermal stress, widely applied in solar power converter, pumping plant, high-power rectifiers and communication devices. If you are looking for copper based PCB manufacturer, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick quote.

When it comes to PCB boards, copper is an integral material. It is impossible for a PCB board to perform a variety of tasks without it. In fact, electronic products rely on copper based PCB boards to provide the desired results. The fact is that copper-clad laminate is something that you have to consider. Hence, you must get a copper based PCB board. It provides a thickness of 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm. You can choose the thickness based on what you expect to achieve.

A copper based PCB board provides superior tolerance. By using copper-clad laminate, you get to carry out various tasks. With the right amount of substrate, copper-clad laminate and copper foil, you get to produce all types of electronic products. The product would need to be hot pressed or filled with resin to help deliver the best outcome.

What Is Copper Based PCB Board?

If you are still unsure about a copper based PCB board, it is a PCB board that uses copper. You can use it for performing all types of heavy-duty tasks unlike a thin PCB board. Copper based PCB boards offer better power supply so that you can carry out difficult tasks. You can rest assured knowing that a copper based PCB board will be able to perform tasks that no other PCB board can perform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Based PCB Board

There are plenty of benefits of copper based PCB boards that will you realize why you need to get one.

  1. Suitable for Perform Heavy-Duty Tasks

One of the main benefits of copper based PCB boards is that they perform heavy-duty tasks. You can get copper based PCB boards for drilling, powering extensive networks, and perform other tasks which demand high power supply.

  1. Provide Stability

Another great thing about copper based PCB boards is that they provide outstanding stability. As copper is a much stronger material, it delivers better stability. If you are worried about power supply disruption and have high power supply needs, you can count on copper based PCB boards to have your back.

  1. Costly

If there is one disadvantage of copper based PCB boards, it is the fact that they can be rather costly.

Applications and Usages of Copper Based PCB Board

You can use copper based PCB board for the following.

  • Matériel lourd
  • Électronique lourde
  • Machines
  • Ordinateurs
  • Consoles de jeux vidéo

How to Find a Reliable Copper Based PCB Board Manufacturer in China?

The following tips will allow you to pick out a reliable copper based PCB board manufacturer in China in no time.

  • Vérifier le certificat du système de contrôle de la qualité.
  • Inspect the import and export license of the manufacturer to ensure that the company can export the PCB board to your location.
  • Ask for references from the manufacturer.
  • Find out more about the reputation of the company.

Choose the Best Copper Based PCB Board Manufacturer in China

Now that you know everything there is to know about copper based PCB boards, all you need is to hire the best copper based PCB board manufacturer in China. This is where PCBA123 comes into place. It is possible the best option.