Long PCB board is know as high power LED aluminum substrate, supplied from China manufacturer, features good heat dissipation, small thermal resistance, good viscoelasticity, and heat aging resistance, can withstand mechanical and thermal stress, suitable for many high power electrical appliances, with advantages of compact size, easy to repair and easy to assemble the circuit, quality assurance and flexible payment term available.

Since long PCBs have a much longer size, they are widely used for producing lighting products such as an LED. When it comes to LED, aluminum boards and fiberglass circuit boards are a popular choice. A long PCB board conducts heat better than other types of boards. As it boasts good heat dissipation, it is best suited for high-power electrical appliances.

What Is Long PCB Board?

A long PCB board is a much larger PCB board that is necessary for modern electronic equipment. It comprises passive and active components. As for the components, they are connected from the side. There are certain electronic products that require a large circuit. A long PCB board is also known as a high-power LED aluminum substrate. It comprises a metal substrate, a thermal insulation layer, and copper foil. There are three layers that make a long PC board including the circuit layer, insulation layer, and base course. The circuit layer requires large current which is why it has a thick copper foil.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Long PCB Board

  1. Compact Size

One of the advantages of a long PCB board is that it has a compact size which helps save wire. The interconnection between the components ensure that fewer current carrying wires are used. Besides, the components have a much smaller size. A printed circuit board is needed for closing the components together.

  1. Easy to Repair

Another great thing about a long PCB board is that it is easy to repair. You should have no trouble repairing it. As for failure components, they can be checked and replaced. The printed circuit boards are also labeled which makes the repair process rather straightforward.

  1. Time Saving

Unlike the conventional method of circuits, a long PCB board requires less time for connecting to the components. It is easy to assemble the circuit. In fact, it is immune to movement as it is soldered.

  1. Not Designed for Heavy Current

Since thin copper tracks are used, they do not supply sufficient current which makes a long PCB board not the best option for a variety of tasks.

Applications and Usages of Long PCB Board

Long PCB boards have various applications as mentioned.

  • Military equipment
  • Household appliances
  • Electronics
  • Automobiles

How to Find a Reliable Long PCB Board Manufacturer in China?

To help you pick out the best Long PCB board manufacturer in China, the following tips will prove useful.

  • Make sure to go through the quality control system certificate for validity.
  • Check the reputation of the company online.
  • Inquire about references from the company.
  • Review the import and export license of the manufacturer.

Choose the Best Long PCB Board Manufacturer in China

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