LED용 1.5mm 알루미늄 금속 코어 PCB 어셈블리

Aluminum metal core PCB assembly for LED is supplied from China PCB manufacturer, passed the tests of lighting performance, electrical performance, safety performance, burn-in test. Quality assurance, competitive prices, and flexible payment terms are available. If you need our service, please email us for a free quick quotation.

기술 매개변수

  • 1.5mm aluminum metal core PCB assembly for LED
  • 제품 유형: 알루미늄 기판
  • 재질: 알루미늄 플레이트 + 고단열 소재
  • 층/두께: 1L/1.5mm
  • Outer Copper:/ 1.5 OZ
  • 표면 처리: HASL LF
  • 솔더 마스크: 흰색 X 1면
  • Silkscreen: N.A
  • Technical featuer: special materials
  • 애플리케이션: 램프 및 랜턴

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