Some PCB designer don’t understand how PCB work out. Now let me show you, and hope it will be useful to you.

I take a simple and normal 4 layers board as a example.

1. We should select PCB material what you want. There are so much material different with different brand and parameters. Normally, we use material SHENGYI, ITEQ, ISOLA etc.

2. If there are bury holes from L2 to L3,drilling hole will be taken.If not, we can start to make inner circuit. We usually use Dry Film to expose the circuit what you design, and then etch them out. After finish the circuit, AOI is necessary to make sure the accuracy of etching. Is there somebody know why brown-oxide? There is another way called black-oxide. It will make better bonding while laminate.

3. After all inner layers work, laminate will be start.Laminate are in the condition of high temperature and high pressure. After laminate,we have to resin scrubbing,then we can start to drill the through holes. As you know those hole have no copper on wall at first, so we must do panel plating( PTH), and make sure the breakover to meet clients’ requirement.

4. Now is outlayer circuit. We also use Dry Film to expose the circuit and then etching.

5. It’s time to dress your PCBs up, we call solder mask ink.There are many colors you can choose,for example, Green,Red,Black,White and so on.

6. After print solder mask ink, silkscreen legend is start to print,which is used for noting components’s position and others.

7. Electrical test (open/short test)is very important,it will make sure PCBs work well.

8. There are many surface treatments,most of our clients select Immersion Gold,Hal lead-free. Immersion Tin, Plating hard gold, OSP ,HAL etc are also select by some clients.

9. After surface, there are also many process need to go. Like Hi-pot test, FQC, FQA etc.

In general, there are a lot of process in PCB manufacturing and it is very complex.

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