Aluminum Substrate 1 Layer Metal Core SMI PCB

The use of IMS circuit boards simple layer circuits is a special but very effective method of heat dissipation for components across circuit boards, with durable quality, customized design is avaliable. If you are looking for IMS circuit board, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick quote.

기술 매개변수

Product type: Aluminum Substrate ,
재질: 알루미늄 플레이트 + 고단열 소재
Layer/Thickness: 1L/1.6 mm
외부 구리:/ 1온스
표면 처리: HASL LF
Min Line Width: ≥ 0.35mm
Min Line Space: ≥0.35mm
Min Hole: ≥0.3 mm
Solder Mask: White X 2 sides
Silkscreen: Black 1 side
Technical features: high thermal conductivity 3W/m.K
애플리케이션: 램프 및 랜턴

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