FR4 PCB board is made of fiberglass, covered with an epoxy resin that is flame resistant, with durability and strong mechanical properties. RF4 is a low cost raw material for PCB, with high dielectric strength, high strength-to-weight ratio, moisture resistant, relative temperature resistance, good electric loss properties, and waterproof feature, all of these excellent performance and low cost make FR4 PCB popular and cost effective, widely applied in electronic applications. Email us if you are looking for quality FR4 PCB board at cheap price.

If you require two-panel materials, you will need to use an FR4 PCB board. It is an environmental protection and flame-retardant plate that has a lot to offer. Companies can count on it to provide better features to their clients by designing improved products. Whether you want to upgrade the properties of your products or are looking for something that will allow you to create the best products, it has got you covered. An FR4 PCB board offers epoxy fiberglass cloth substrate. Most electronic products today rely on FR4 PCB boards. Hence, you might want to consider ordering them for manufacturing your products.

What Is FR4 PCB Board?

In the simplest of words, a FR4 PCB board is a two-panel PCB board that features a flame-retardant and environmental protection plate as well as an epoxy fiberglass cloth substrate. The use of electronic grade glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin brings the reinforcing material to life. Its inner core and bonding sheet copper-clad plate allows for multilayer circuit boards to be created which are then used by comprehensive electronic products. FR4 PCB boards provide better mechanical properties. There is nothing quite like it. Only when you use the PCB board will you realize just how powerful it is.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FR4 PCB Board

FR4 PCB boards provide a ton of pros in comparison to cons. Here is what you can expect from them.

  1. Stability

One of the main reasons why FR4 PCB boards are so popular is because they provide dimensional stability. If you require a component that would remain stable throughout, it is the perfect option.

  1. Moisture Resistance

If your electronic products are likely to create moisture or be used in areas where there is high moisture, a FR4 PCB board is a must. It provides moisture resistance unlike any other PCB board out there.

  1. Excellent Electrical Performance

Boasting a high operating temperature and impact resistance, you can rely on an FR4 PCB board to provide excellent electrical performance. The best part about it is that its performance would not affect the environment. Besides, it provides amazing processing technology that nothing can compete with.

  1. Expensive

The only disadvantage of an FR4 PCB board is that it tends to be more costly than other types of PCB boards in the market.

Applications and Usages of FR4 PCB Board

Here is what you can use an FR4 PCB board for.

  • Computers
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Laptops
  • Heavy Military Equipment

How to Find a Reliable FR4 PCB Board Manufacturer in China?

The following tips will help you find an FR4 PCB board in China in no time.

  • Ensure that the import and export license is valid.
  • Ask for references from the manufacturer and reach out to them.
  • Go through the quality control system certificate.
  • Research the reputation of the company.

Choose the Best FR4 PCB Board Manufacturer in China

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