Leading high frequency pcb board China manufacturer PCBA123 supplies high frequency PCB to transmit electromagnetic waves in the frequency of GHZ between objects, with features of low dissipation factor, low and stable dielectric constant and chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and low dimensional stability, can transmit fast rate of signal flow, widely used in advanced communication system, such as filtering devices, amplifiers, booster stations, and receivers. With features of good quality, competitive price,  long service life and fast delivery.

The development of satellite communications and wireless networks has paved the way for high-frequency and high-speed information products. The standardization of data, video, and voice for wireless transmission with high speed and large capacity has become the norm. Thus, a new generation of products that require high-frequency substrates have to be created. This is where high frequency PCB boards come into place.

What Is High Frequency PCB Board?

High frequency PCB boards are extremely powerful PCB board that are designed for advanced tasks. They deliver a high electromagnetic frequency of above 1 GHz. With this special circuit board, you can create electric products that have high technical parameters, precision, and physical properties.

The thing about high frequency PCB boards is that they offer the fastest environmental protection and the highest heating efficiency. Industries that involve smelting, welding, thermal assembly, heat treatment, and thermal processing will find it to be the perfect option.

High frequency boards are pressed with FR4 fiberglass boards and epoxy glass cloth to ensure a bright and uniform color. Besides this, the density is much larger which means that you get to create products that resist corrosion and moisture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Frequency PCB Board

There are plenty of benefits of using high frequency PCB boards as mentioned below.

  • Low Water Absorption: To prevent moisture, the high frequency PCB boards ensure low water absorption.
  • Thermal Expansion: As the coefficient of the copper foil is uniform, you can expect thermal expansion.
  • Small Dielectric Loss: In addition to the above, using high frequency PCB boards ensures small dielectric loss. This means that you can create electronic products which do not waste electricity.
  • Smooth Transmission Rate: The high frequency PCB board provides a smooth transmission rate.
  • Heat Resistance: You will find the PCB boards to provide heat resistance, impact strength, and chemical resistance.
  • Expensive: If there is one disadvantage of high frequency PCB boards, it is the fact that they are expensive. However, they make up for the cost through savings.

Applications and Usages of High Frequency PCB Board

There are various uses of high frequency PCB boards as mentioned below.

  • Radio Systems
  • Satellite Systems
  • Automotive Anti-Collision Systems
  • Tablets
  • Other Advance Equipment

How to Find a Reliable High Frequency PCB Board Manufacturer in China?

In order to find a reliable high frequency PCB board manufacturer in China, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Review the import and export license of the company for smooth exports.
  • Look into the company reputation.
  • Ask the company for references and counter-check those references.
  • Inspect the quality control system certificate for ensuring validity.

Choose the Best High Frequency PCB Board Manufacturer in China

Now that you have an idea about high frequency PCB boards, what you need to do is reach out to the best manufacturer in China. This is where PCBA123 comes into place. It provides outstanding high frequency PCB boards that will blow you away. You can get in touch with the company for customized options.