2 PCBリバースエンジニアリングの注意点

2 PCBリバースエンジニアリングの注意点








Another benefit of using computerized tomography is that it allows the user to visualize individual components. In addition, it can also determine GD&T controls. A PC-DMIS can export features to polylines and step files. This allows the user to visualize the connections made on the printed circuit board.


X-ray for PCB reverse engineering is a relatively new technique for identifying components on a printed circuit board. Traditional methods rely on de-layering the PCB, which is a time-consuming, error-prone, and damaging process. X-ray for PCB reverse engineering, on the other hand, requires no physical damage to the PCB and takes much less time to evaluate. This method also allows the researcher to extract data from the circuit board.

X-ray for PCB reverse engineering is often used for reverse engineering, but the cost of purchasing such an inspection machine can be prohibitive for many people. One hardware hacker, John McMaster, decided to build his own X-ray to use in his own lab to save money.

Another important consideration is the resolution of the X-ray. Low resolution survey scans can reveal the main components of a board, but submicron resolution is needed to see traces and interconnects. Current micro-CT scanners and XRMs do not have the resolution necessary for this. Moreover, imaging a large PCB at coarse resolution can take hours. Furthermore, the X-ray beam can be harden and create streaks and bands.

PCB reverse engineering is a process of analyzing existing electronic products and recreating them with superior features and lower cost. During the process, documents are generated and sent to a PCB manufacturer for fabrication of a replica PCB. This method can also be used to reduce the time required for repairs and new circuit boards. In addition, it can reveal whether or not a given fabricator is a good match.

The process begins by cleaning the surface of a PCB. Afterward, the X-ray can reveal hidden information within the part. In addition, it can be used to solve quality and failure problems. It can also be used to create computer-aided design models of internal surfaces and trace connections.

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