High precision custom Bergquist aluminium laminate LED PCB

High precision custom Bergquist aluminum laminate LED PCB is made of aluminum plate and high thermal insulation material, used for LED panels, with wholesale price, good heat dissipation. If you are interested in our aluminum PCB, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Parameters

Product type: Aluminum Substrate
Material: Aluminum plate +high thermal insulation material
Layer/Thickness: 1L/1.0 mm
Outer Copper:/ 1 OZ
Surface treatment: HASL LF
Min Line Width: ≥ 0.20mm
Min Line Space: ≥0.20mm
Min Hole: ≥2 mm
Solder Mask: White X 1 side
Silkscreen: Black X 1 side
Technical featuer: Bergquist Aluminium Based PCB
Application: Lamps and lanterns

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