When investing in printed circuit board assembly for small batch PCBs, it is important that you consider several factors during the entire process. While it may not seem that important in the long run, these small details have the ability to cut costs. Here are some basic guidelines to follow in order to ensure the cost of your circuit board assembly doesn’t reach astronomical heights.


The board as a whole:

When in doubt, the smaller the board, the cheaper it will be. Do everything you can to keep the size of your board to a minimum, as the price and circuit board size go hand in hand.

The holes on the board:

Like the size of the board, the smaller the hole the more expensive it will be to make. If you can, stick to holes that are about 0.4mm or larger. Also, one of the best ways to save money when creating holes is to invest in an engineer that does through hole technology, as this technique is cheaper and more effective.


The overall shape:

If possible, always try to keep the shape of your board as a standard square or rectangle. Many companies charge more for circuit board assembly services if the board is irregularly shaped or has unique slots.

Internal cutouts:

Additionally, it is a good idea to try and keep the internal cutouts to a minimum unless they are needed for mounting components. So, if the shape of the board is not important, stick to rectangles or squares and not many internal cutouts, and you will be happy with the price.


Copper paths:

In small batch PCBs, a copper track is a conductive path that is used to connect two points on the board. As a general rule of thumb, the more copper traces you have on your board, the more expensive it will be for prototype assembly as you will need a special machine that has a higher precision.

Copper spacing:

Make sure to consider the spacing between these copper tracks as the closer they are, the more complex it will be to lay their traces.

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